Causes of Varicose Veins in Legs and Its Treatment

Women are prone in having varicose veins in legs, whether single or married, young or old. This kind of problem leads one to getting as much information about it and try to prevent it if possible. A bold step such as knowing what varicose veins really are about will greatly help a woman achieve a varicose-free life.

The causes of varicose veins are attributed to several reasons, some preventable while some are not. It could be hereditary which means if this condition runs in your family, chances are high that you will also get it. Varicose veins are not solely caused by genes but how one takes care of herself plays a big factor. Women who are obese or overweight are also at risk of getting it. When the blood valves are not strong enough to let blood pass through it smoothly, this result to swollen veins that leads to varicose veins.

Pregnant women are also informed that they may develop leg varicose veins due to the weight of their baby that they need to carry until they give birth. Although it poses no serious risks to the health of the mother and the child, pregnant mothers are still advised to watch out their diet, take a small amount of exercise everyday and take enough rest as much as possible. If they feel any symptoms of pain in their legs, they should inform their physician immediately to determine if they have developed varicose veins and so that proper treatment can be administered.

Leg varicose veins are also common to women who wear high heels. Why is that? Women who are constantly wearing 3 to 5 inches of heels (or above) are putting a lot of stress on their leg arteries. Tired legs on heels should be given enough rest before it should be washed. Using lukewarm water also helps prevent varicose veins. Leg massages once in a while may also do some help.

Treatment of varicose veins depends on the gravity of the condition. For initial detection of its symptoms, women are advised to practice elevating their legs for a couple of minutes in order for the blood to properly circulate all throughout their body. Avoiding long standing times and wearing of high heels be put to a minimum is also highly recommended. Support stockings are also effective in helping ease some pressure on the legs. Treatment of varicose veins in its severe case can be done through surgery and other types of operation. Know the risks and complications of each treatment to decide on the best approach to take.

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